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05/23/2024 | Regular Meeting
Start Date/Time: 05/23/2024 10:00 AM
End Date/Time: 05/23/2024 12:00 PM
Time Zone: Central Standard Time
Description: Teleconference
Location: Teleconference
DescriptionFile TypeUpload Date
02.Draft Agenda Agenda5/15/2024 3:24:09 PM
03.A.Approval of Meeting Minutes - April 9, 2024 Document5/15/2024 3:25:11 PM
07.A.FY25-26 Proposed Meeting Schedule Document5/15/2024 3:25:33 PM
08.A.Annual Certificate of No Default and Debt Service Coverage Document5/15/2024 3:26:17 PM
09.A.FY24 Graduate Outcomes Report Document5/15/2024 3:26:41 PM
10.A.I.L-CERT: Phlebotomy Document5/15/2024 3:27:21 PM
10.A.II.LATC: L-CERT: CNC Operator Upskill Document5/15/2024 3:27:44 PM
10.A.III.LATC: L-CERT: Manufacturing Maintenance Technician Upskill Document5/15/2024 3:28:33 PM
10.A.IV.MTC: DIPL: Medical Assistant Document5/15/2024 3:28:52 PM
10.B.I.LATC: L-CERT: Conservation Law Enforcement Document5/15/2024 3:29:23 PM
10.B.II.LATC: AAS: Dental Hygienist Document5/15/2024 3:29:46 PM
11.A.Technical College President Reports Document5/16/2024 9:11:22 AM
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04/09/2024 | Regular Meeting
Start Date/Time: 04/09/2024 10:00 AM
End Date/Time: 04/09/2024 12:00 PM
Time Zone: Central Standard Time
Location: Lake Area Technical College, Watertown, SD
DescriptionFile TypeUpload Date
02. Draft Agenda (As of April 1, 2024) Agenda4/1/2024 3:26:56 PM
03.A.Approval of Meeting Minutes - December 4, 2023 Document4/1/2024 3:27:46 PM
08.A.FY25 Tuition and Fee Setting Proposal Document4/5/2024 9:36:57 AM
09.A.Spring 2024 Enrollment Report Document4/1/2024 3:27:59 PM
10.A.I.LATC: DIPL: Medical Assisting Document4/1/2024 3:29:05 PM
10.A.II.MTC: DIPL: Entrepreneurship Document4/1/2024 3:29:31 PM
10.A.III.WDTC: L-CERT: Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Document4/1/2024 3:30:16 PM
10.B.I.WDTC: S-CERT: Professional Truck Driving Document4/1/2024 3:30:42 PM
10.B.II.WDTC: AAS: Radiology Technology Document4/1/2024 3:31:57 PM
11.A.Campus Updates - Technical College President Reports Document4/3/2024 11:39:49 AM
Minutes (Draft) Minutes4/16/2024 4:16:40 PM
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01/09/2024 | Notice of Quorum: Legislative Social

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