Member Information

Board Member Photo Name:  Tregg Cronin
Position:  Commissioner - East River
City:  Gettysburg
Term End Date:  10/30/2020
Tregg Cronin, Gettysburg, was appointed to the South Dakota Wheat Commission by Governor Daugaard in April 2016.

Tregg has worked in many areas of the agriculture industry including time as a commodity broker, grain buyer, elevator operations and production agriculture with his family farming operation. Tregg grew up on the farm he now works at with his family as Cronin Farms, Inc. in Gettysburg, SD.

Board Member Photo Name:  Terence Hand
Position:  Commissioner - West River
City:  Midland
Term End Date:  10/30/2021
In October 2012, Terry Hand was appointed by Governor Daugaard to serve on the South Dakota Wheat Commission. Hand, along with his two brothers Michael and David, raise spring and winter wheat, sunflowers, corn and milo near Midland, SD. In addition, the family runs a cow/calf and back grounding operation. The Hands also have an official advisor, their father James David Hand.
Board Member Photo Name:  Bryan Jorgensen
Position:  Commissioner - At Large
City:  Ideal
Term End Date:  10/30/2022
On October 31, 2019, Governor Noem's office announce the appointment of Bryan Jorgensen to the South Dakota Wheat Utilization Research and Marketing Development Commission. Commissioner Jorgensen will hold the at large position.

Bryan Jorgensen, grew up on the family farm located near Ideal. In addition to farming, cattle and operating two hunting lodges, Bryan has served on several boards representing Tripp Water Users, SD No-till, SD Corn Utilization Council and Wheat & Barley Scab Initiative. Jorgensen believes that, “The SD Wheat Commission fills a vital role in strengthening the wheat and cereal grain industries in South Dakota. The importance of utilizing the checkoff dollars wisely to enhance cereal and grain research, promotion and market enhancement, cannot be understated."
Board Member Photo Name:  Leon Koeppe
Position:  Commissioner - East River
City:  Claire City
Term End Date:  10/30/2020
In January 2018, Governor Daugaard appointed Leon Koeppe, Claire City, SD, to the South Dakota Wheat Commission Board of Directors.