Chapter 38-10 of the South Dakota Codified Laws
Provide for utilization, research and market development of wheat grown in South Dakota.
Administered under Department of Agriculture. Commission retains quasi-judicial, quasi-legislative, advisory, non-administrative and special budgetary functions.
Five members appointed by Governor who: 1. Are landowning residents of South Dakota; 2. Are at least twenty-five years of age and residents of South Dakota; 3. Have been actually engaged in growing wheat in this state for a period of at least five years; 4. Derive a substantial portion of their income from growing wheat; and, 5. Are participating growers. Two East River members; two West River members, and one member at large. Nominations for appointments shall be submitted by wheat producers. Ex officio, nonvoting members: South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture, Dean of Agriculture at South Dakota State University, and the president of the South Dakota Crop Improvement Association.
Term of Appointment:
Terms shall expire on October 30 on the third year of appointment. Terms that end June 30, 2012, are extended to October 30, 2012. Not more than 4 consecutive terms

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Mission Statement:
Stabilization and profitability of the South Dakota wheat industry through research, market development, education and promotion. * Export Market Development – Through U.S. Wheat Associates, the Commission cooperates with 15 other states and the Foreign Ag Service to promote U.S. wheat in over 100 countries around the world. * Research – Higher yielding, better quality disease resistant varieties allow farmers to produce more and higher quality wheat. * Domestic Promotion – Convincing U.S. consumers to eat more wheat foods because of their health benefits, variety and convenience, is increasing consumption each year.