Board Information

Chapter 13-43 of the South Dakota Codified Laws
Adopt Code of Ethics for the administrator's profession in South Dakota, make recommendations to promote improvement and conduct hearings of alleged violations
Operates within the Department of Education
Seven members appointed by the Governor: 1. Five representative members who are employed as full-time administrators. Two who are principals (elementary and secondary), two who are chief administrators of school districts offering an accredited twelve-year program of education (superintendents), and one who is employed in an administrative capacity (business manager) other than previously listed. 2. One representative who is a school board member; and 3. One representative from the general public who is neither an administrator nor a school board member and who is a parent of a pupil attending an approved twelve-year program of education. No member may succeed himself more than once.
Term of Appointment:
Three years. No more than five members may expire in any one year. Term expire December 31.

Frequency of Meetings:
At least once annually

Are Members Allowed to Call into Meetings:

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Mission Statement: