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Executive Order 96-09; Amended Executive Order 2003-11
Serve as a mechanism to assure citizen input on issues pertaining to management and preservation efforts at Fort Sisseton; Serve as an advisor on planning and design issues dealing with restoration and interpretive projects at Fort Sisseton; and, Work to ensure a continuing emphasis on a local perspective to the fort's restoration, thereby maintaining the historic integrity.
Department of Game, Fish, and Parks
No more than 15 members appointed by the Governor to serve a 4-year term. Initial terms will be appointed for 4 years, 3 years, 2 year and 1 year terms, so no more than four positions will expire in any given year. The 15 commission members shall consist of: 1. The Secretary of the Department of Tourism and State Development, or his designee 2. Other members chosen by the Governor with expertise in marketing, historical preservation, management, architectural restoration, interpretative projects, regional concerns, and other areas of knowledge as the Governor may deem proper to fulfill the goals of this commission.
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Four Years, No more than four positions expire in any given year

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