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Chapter 13-49 of the South Dakota Codified Laws
Governs the public postsecondary educational institutions of the state offering college credit as well as the School for the Deaf, School for the Blind, and all other educational institutions that may be sustained either wholly or in part by the state..
Nine members appointed by the Governor by and with the consent of the Senate. Regular members shall be persons of probity and wisdom and selected from the best known citizens, residents of different portions of the state, no two of whom may be residents in the same county and not more than six shall be members of the same political party. One regent shall be the student regent. Residence is determined by where the regent is registered to vote.
Term of Appointment:
Six years, expiring on the last day of March. Student member, two years expiring July 1 of even numbered years.

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Mission Statement:
The South Dakota Board of Regents has constitutional authority to govern the system of public higher education in the State of South Dakota. Supported by an Executive Director and staff, the Board provides leadership and sets policies for the programs and services delivered through its six universities and two special schools.