Board Information

Chapter 40-3 of the South Dakota Codified Laws
Enforce laws relating to livestock disease control; Maintain an adequate disease surveillance program of livestock in the state; Conduct eradication programs for diseases of livestock; Regulate the livestock auction markets and livestock dealers by inspection, licensing, and bonding; License and inspect rendering plants; Enforce the disposal of dead animals; and, Administer a state meat inspection program.
Attached to the Department of Agriculture for reporting purposes only.
Seven members appointed by the Governor: Cattleman Sheepman Livestock Feeder Hog producer Owner/operator livestock auction or commission company Dairy producer Veterinarian
Term of Appointment:
Terms shall expire on October 30 on the third year of appointment. Terms are three years, no term limits.

Frequency of Meetings:
The Animal Industry Board meets quarterly with additional meetings as necessary.

Are Members Allowed to Call into Meetings:

Contact Info:
SD Animal Industry Board Dr. Beth Thompson, State Veterinarian and Exec. Secretary 411 South Fort Street Pierre, SD 57501 Ph: 605.773.3321 Fax: 605.773.5459 E-mail:

Mission Statement:
The South Dakota Animal Industry Board is responsible for protecting and preserving the health of the State’s livestock to enhance productivity and provide safe products for the public.