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Executive Order 2003-04
This board no longer meets. Provide advice and assistance in administering the personnel management functions of the Executive Branch.
Bureau of Human Resources
Thirteen members: Four members appointed by the Governor to represent the following areas of government: Three employees from the Executive Branch, at least one of which is covered by Chapter 3-6A, Career Service Personnel Management System; One permanent full-time employee from a constitutional office from a list consisting of one nomination from each constitutional officer Other members are: Six members elected by the employees: Five from the executive branch and one career service employee from the Board of Regents; One permanent full-time employee of the Unified Judicial System appointed by the Chief Justice; One permanent full-time employee appointed by the Executive Board of the Legislative Research Council; Commissioner of Bureau of Human Resources is a nonvoting ex-officio member.
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Governor's appointees serve at the pleasure of the Governor

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