Board Information

Chapter 49-7A of the South Dakota Codified Laws
1. File with the register of deeds of each county the toll-free telephone number for notification of planned excavation activities in its area; 2. Maintain adequate records documenting compliance; 3. Provide the service at minimum, during normal working hours, on business days; 4. For calls received after normal working hours for the one-call notification center, or on nonbusiness days, provide information for callers which explains emergency notification and excavation procedures; and, 5. Provide a timely method for notifying participating members of the information received regarding proposed excavation activities
Administered by the Public Utilities Commission
Eleven members appointed by the Governor: 1. One member representing telecommunication companies offering local exchange service to less than fifty thousand subscribers; 2. One member representing telecommunication companies offering local exchange service to fifty thousand or more subscribers; 3. One member representing rural water systems; 4. One member representing rural electric cooperatives; 5. One member representing investor-owned electric utilities; 6. One member representing investor-owned natural gas utilities; 7. One member representing community antenna television; 8. One member representing municipalities; 9. One member representing underground interstate carriers of gas or petroleum; and, 10. Two members representing contractors who perform excavation services.
Term of Appointment:
Staggered 3-year Term for Board Members

Frequency of Meetings:
Quarterly at a minimum but as often as needed.

Are Members Allowed to Call into Meetings:

Contact Info:
Codi Gregg

Mission Statement:
The mission of the South Dakota One Call Board is to prevent damage to underground facilities and promote public safety, through public awareness, education and a cost effective, efficient, dependable one-call service.