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Chapter 1-22 of the South Dakota Codified Laws
Promote, stimulate, encourage, give recognition and assistance to the arts in every way possible; Conduct research and provide a plan for the development of the arts in the state of South Dakota; Coordinate activities of the federal, state and local governments and the state’s institutions in relation to the arts; Approve projects for federal and state aid for the arts; Comply with the requirements of federal law relating federal aid; and, Accept, receive and administer gifts, bequests, grants and endowments from any and all sources whatsoever to further the purposes, objectives and provisions of this chapter.
Attached to the Department of Tourism and State Development
Eleven members appointed by the Governor. Members should be chosen to the extent practicable as representative of all the state's major art forms and geographically representative of all sections of the state. Appointed so that the terms of four members expire on consecutive years and the terms of three members expire every three years. Any person appointed to fill the unexpired term of another appointee shall serve the balance of the unexpired term. No term limits.
Term of Appointment:
Three Years.

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