Chapter 36-28 of the South Dakota Codified Laws
Examine and license nursing facility administrators. Establish qualification for nursing home administrators.
Attached to the Department of Health.
The board consists of five members. The members of the board shall be appointed by the Governor and shall include four members who are licensed nursing facility administrators who are actively practicing in South Dakota and one member of the general public who is not an administrator or employee of a nursing facility and who has no direct financial interest in a nursing facility.
Term of Appointment:
The terms of all members are to be three years. No member may serve more than three consecutive full terms. The terms of members begin on October thirty-first of the calendar year in which the Governor appoints the member, unless otherwise designated by the Governor. The appointee's term expires on October thirtieth in the third year of appointment. The appointment to an unexpired term is not considered a full term. Any member's term ending June 30, 2013, or thereafter is extended to October thirtieth in the year the term is to expire.

Contact Info:
Brittany Novotny, Executive Secretary 1351 N. Harrison Ave. Pierre, SD 57501 605-224-1721

Mission Statement:
The mission of the South Dakota Board of Nursing Facility Administrators is to enforce updated statutes and rules promulgated to regulate the mandatory licensing for Nursing Facility Administrators, and to monitor the mandatory continuing education for licensure renewal.