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Chapter 1-50 of the South Dakota Codified Laws
Assist with local emergency planning committee plan development and review local plans for completeness; Review local plans to determine the level of threat from an accidental release of dangerous chemicals and the local capability to adequately respond to those releases; Prepare recommendations for action to be taken to develop and coordinate emergency response capabilities, including the feasibility of regional emergency response; Evaluate various options and prepare a recommendation concerning funding based on user fees to support on-going emergency planning activities and incident response preparedness; Develop a recommendation for a future state emergency response commission structure. Designate local emergency planning districts and supervise and coordinate the activities of the local emergency planning committees; and, Coordinate and implement federal grants for training of local emergency planning committees and public sector employees.
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Ten Members: 1. Secretary of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources; 2. Secretary of the Department of Transportation; 3. Director of the Division of Emergency and Disaster Services 4. Secretary of the Department of Public Safety or their designees 5. Six members appointed by the Governor: a. One person shall be a member of the chemical industry; b. One personal shall be an elected or appointed member of a political subdivision; c. One person actively engaged in an agricultural business; d. One person shall be a health care professional; e. One person shall be a member of a fire department; and, f. One person shall be a member of a local emergency planning committee.
Term of Appointment:
Pleasure of the Governor

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Kelsey Newling (605) 773-3296

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