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Chapter 1-16G of the South Dakota Codified Laws
Consult with and advise the Governor and the Secretary of the Department of Economic Development in carrying out the functions of the office. Promulgate rules pursuant to Chapter 1-26 to make loans from the economic development loan special revenue fund, and establish criteria for the qualification, application, payment and repayment of funds for such projects. Prepare an annual report by the first day of September of each year.
Administered under the Department of Economic Development
The members shall be confirmed by the senate. The members of the board shall be appointed by the Governor for four-year terms of office so arranged that no more than four members' terms expire in any given year. Not all members may be from the same political party. The Governor shall designate the terms at the time of appointment. Any member appointed to fill a vacancy arising from other than the natural expiration of a term shall serve only the unexpired portion of the term. Up to 13 (thirteen) members appointed by the Governor. Not all members may be from the same political party.
Term of Appointment:
Four Years

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Ashley Moore

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