Board Information

Chapter 40-31 of the South Dakota Codified Laws
Promotes the dairy industry and products in the state.
Administered under the Department of Agriculture. Association retains quasi-judicial, quasilegislative, advisory, non-administrative and special budgetary functions.
Eight members, five appointed by the Governor as follows: 1. Three producers selected from a list submitted by any statewide non-profit dairy organization incorporated under state law; and, 2. Two processors selected from a list submitted by the South Dakota Dairy Association. No member may be engaged in the production or distribution of butter substitutes. Ex officio members are: Secretary of Agriculture or his designee; head of the Dairy Science Department at SDSU; and the State Executive Member of the American Dairy Association.
Term of Appointment:
Terms shall expire on October 30 on the third year of appointment. Terms that end June 30, 2012, are extended to October 30, 2012. ** No term limits if reappointed. Processor = Two (2) years; Producer = Three (3) years

Frequency of Meetings:
The American Dairy Association meets 2-3 times per year.

Are Members Allowed to Call into Meetings:

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