Board Information

Executive Order 2007-05 and 2010-20
Provide oversight for providing policy level direction related to planning, designing and implementing guidelines, best practices and standard approaches to address South Dakota's public safety communications interoperability issues.
Administered under the Bureau of Information and Telecommunications
Governor may appoint 18 members which are representative of the major users of the communications network. Membership shall include representatives from the following public safety agencies, professional associations and state departments: South Dakota Police Chief’s Association South Dakota Sheriff’s Association Division of Criminal Investigation, Office of the Attorney General South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks South Dakota Department of Transportation South Dakota National Guard South Dakota Emergency Managers Association South Dakota Fire Fighters Association South Dakota Association of Healthcare South Dakota Department of Public Safety/Highway Patrol South Dakota Association of Public Safety Communications Officials, Inc./ National Emergency Numbering Association Chapter South Dakota Emergency Medical Technician’s Association South Dakota Department of Agriculture/Wildland Fire South Dakota Association of County Commissioners South Dakota Department of Health Tribal government or tribal government association Federal government or federal government association South Dakota Bureau of Information and Telecommunications Engineering Manager
Term of Appointment:
Three-year terms which end on June 30. Members may be reappointed for no more than three consecutive terms. Representatives of state agencies shall serve as long as their agency directs. Activities:

Frequency of Meetings:

Are Members Allowed to Call into Meetings:

Contact Info:
Jeff Pierce, 605-773-4347 or Brandi Underhill 605-773-7277

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