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SDCL: 38-32-2
SDCUC is primarily responsible for the collection and administration of the One-cent Checkoff. This special fund makes utilization research possible, allowing SDCUC to develop new and innovative uses for corn and corn byproducts that benefit South Dakota economically and environmentally. SDCUC invests millions to expand and establish market uses for corn and ethanol co-products like distillers grain. We’ve made an important impact in the ethanol industry, where we were the catalyst in creating a market for over 150 million bushels of corn. SDCUC works to expand livestock production in South Dakota, helping our state’s number one industry evolve and grow as economic and political factors change. And we educate producers and consumers on economic, legislative and environmental topics that directly affect the state of South Dakota. South Dakota producers, through SDCUC Checkoff dollars, also fund the U.S. Grains Council, U.S. Meat Export Federation, the American Coalition for Ethanol and the National Corn Growers Association.
The South Dakota Corn Utilization Council (SDCUC) and the Corn Utilization Council Fund were established by the 1988 Legislature for the purpose of creating a revolving fund for money collected from corn checkoff fees. The council is composed of fifteen directors who are participating growers and elected by participating growers. The secretary is an ex officio, nonvoting director of the council. The fund is attached to the Department of Agriculture for informational budgeting and administrative support.
The council shall be composed of nine directors who shall be participating growers. The directors shall be elected by participating growers. The secretary of the South Dakota Department of Agriculture shall be an ex officio, nonvoting director of the council. One director shall be elected from each of the following districts: I Union, Clay, Yankton, Lincoln, Turner II Minnehaha, Moody, Lake, Miner III Brookings, Kingsbury, Hamlin, Deuel, Codington IV Clark, Day, Grant, Roberts, Marshall V Brown, McPherson, Campbell, Walworth, Corson, Perkins, Harding VI Spink, Faulk, Edmunds, Potter VII Aurora, Sanborn, Jerauld, Buffalo, Beadle, Hand, Hyde VIII Bon Homme, Hutchinson, Douglas, McCook, Hanson, Davison IX Charles Mix, Gregory, Brule, Lyman, Hughes, Sully, Dewey, Stanley, Jones, Tripp, Todd, Mellette, Ziebach, Haakon, Jackson, Bennett, Oglala Lakota, Fall River, Custer, Pennington, Meade, Lawrence, Butte
Term of Appointment:
Directors serve three year terms and take office on March first of the year of the election

Frequency of Meetings:
The Corn Utilization Council meets 4 times a year.

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