Board Information

SDCL 13-47-1
It shall be the function of the board to consider and establish policy for and exercise all necessary control over the State Educational Telecommunications Network, and to carry out the duties imposed in this chapter, or as otherwise authorized and assigned to said board by law.
Bureau of Information and Telecommunications
the commissioner of information and telecommunications or an authorized representative, the executive director of the Board of Regents or an authorized representative, a representative of the Bureau of Information and Telecommunications selected by the secretary, and six others appointed by the Governor. At least one of the appointive members shall be representative of the nonpublic institutions of higher education in the state.
Term of Appointment:
The terms of the appointive members of the board shall be for a period of three years, two terms expiring each year. Not more than four of the appointive members may be from the same political party.

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(605) 773-3416