Board Information

SDCL 49-1-8
Public Utilities Commission
The Public Utilities Commission shall be comprised of three commissioners. Each commissioner shall be elected from, and represent, the state at large. At each general election there shall be elected one Public Utilities Commissioner having the qualifications prescribed by law.
Term of Appointment:
Each commissioner shall hold office for a term of six years from the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January following his election, until his successor is elected and qualified.

Frequency of Meetings:

Are Members Allowed to Call into Meetings:

Contact Info:
Public Utilities Commission Capitol Building, 1st floor 500 E. Capitol Ave. Pierre, SD 57501-5070 Phone: (605) 773-3201

Mission Statement:
To serve and protect the public by ensuring safe, reliable, and high quality utility services at rates reflecting either a competitive market in areas where competition develops, or fair regulation in areas where competition does not exist; to keep the public informed so they can make wise choices; to promote their interests through public policy; to resolve disputes between customers and their utilities and between competing utilities; to regulate electric, natural gas, telecommunications companies, grain warehouses, grain dealers, public storage warehouses, intrastate pipeline safety, and excavation activities; and, to represent the state at large.