Board Information

The board shall meet a minimum of once a year and shall recommend to the secretary those districts which should be approved for extraordinary cost fund expenditures, as well as those districts which should not be approved for such expenditures.
Department of Education
The Executive Board of the Legislative Research Council shall appoint one member of the Legislature. The secretary of education shall appoint six. The members appointed by the secretary shall include representatives from each of the following: (1) The Department of Education; (2) A school district with a fall enrollment of six hundred or more; (3) A school district with a fall enrollment of more than two hundred, but less than six hundred; and (4) A school district with a fall enrollment of two hundred or less. The secretary shall also appoint alternate board members to serve in place of any board member representing a school district who may have a conflict of interest.
Term of Appointment:
The secretary shall use a staggered appointment schedule when appointing members, and no member may serve on the board for more than five years. An alternate shall serve the same term as the equivalent board appointee.

Frequency of Meetings:
Annually in May

Are Members Allowed to Call into Meetings:

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