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SDCL: 24-16A-1
(1) To adopt a seal and suitable by-laws governing the management and operation of the Interstate Commission; (2) To promulgate rules which shall have the force and effect of statutory law and shall be binding in the compacting states to the extent and in the manner provided in this compact; (3) To oversee, supervise, and coordinate the interstate movement of offenders subject to the terms of this compact and any by-laws adopted and rules promulgated by the compact commission; (4) To enforce compliance with compact provisions, Interstate Commission rules, and by-laws, using all necessary and proper means, including but not limited to, the use of judicial process; (5) To establish and maintain offices; (6) To purchase and maintain insurance and bonds; (7) To borrow, accept, or contract for services of personnel, including members and their staffs; (8) To establish and appoint committees and hire staff which it deems necessary for the carrying out of its functions including an executive committee as required by Article III which shall have the power to act on behalf of the Interstate Commission in carrying out its powers and duties hereunder; (9) To elect or appoint such officers, attorneys, employees, agents, or consultants, and to fix their compensation, define their duties and determine their qualifications; and to establish the Interstate Commission's personnel policies and programs relating to, among other things, conflicts of interest, rates of compensation, and qualifications of personnel; (10) To accept any and all donations and grants of money, equipment, supplies, materials, and services, and to receive, utilize, and dispose of same; (11) To lease, purchase, accept contributions or donations of, or otherwise to own, hold, improve or use any property, real, personal or mixed; (12) To sell, convey, mortgage, pledge, lease, exchange, abandon, or otherwise dispose of any property, real, personal, or mixed; (13) To establish a budget and make expenditures and levy dues as provided in Article X of this compact; (14) To sue and be sued; (15) To provide for dispute resolution among compacting states;
Department of Corrections
The Interstate Commission shall, by a majority of the members, within twelve months of the first Interstate Commission meeting, adopt by-laws to govern its conduct as may be necessary or appropriate to carry out the purposes of the compact, including: (1) Establishing the fiscal year of the Interstate Commission; (2) Establishing an executive committee and such other committees as may be necessary; providing reasonable standards and procedures: (a) For the establishment of committees; and (b) Governing any general or specific delegation of any authority or function of the Interstate Commission; (3) Providing reasonable procedures for calling and conducting meetings of the Interstate Commission, and ensuring reasonable notice of each such meeting; (4) Establishing the titles and responsibilities of the officers of the Interstate Commission; (5) Providing reasonable standards and procedures for the establishment of the personnel policies and programs of the Interstate Commission. Notwithstanding any civil service or other similar laws of any compacting state, the by-laws shall exclusively govern the personnel policies and programs of the Interstate Commission; (6) Providing a mechanism for winding up the operations of the Interstate Commission and the equitable return of any surplus funds that may exist upon the termination of the compact after the payment reserving of all its debts and obligations or both; (7) Providing transition rules for "start up" administration of the compact; (8) Establishing standards and procedures for compliance and technical assistance in carrying out the compact.
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