Board Information

Executive Order 2016-01
Review child support guidelines and child support related statutes
Department of Social Services
1) Noncustodial parent 2) Custodial parent 3) A member of the SD Judiciary 4) A member of the SD Department of Social Services 5) A member in good standing of the SD State Bar 6) A member of the SD House of Representatives 7) A member of the SD Senate 8) Child Support Referee
Term of Appointment:
This board expired Dec. 31, 2016. Members are appointed every four years.

Frequency of Meetings:
Frequency of meetings varies. At a minimum over the course of six months, at least three meetings/public hearings are held.

Are Members Allowed to Call into Meetings:

Contact Info:
Department of Social Services | Division of Child Support | 700 Governors Drive | Pierre, SD 57501 | 605.773.3641 | DSSBoards&

Mission Statement: