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Executive Order 2006-10 and Public Law 105-17
1. Advise the Office of Special Education of unmet needs within the state in the education of children with disabilities; 2. Comment publicly on the state plan and rules or regulations proposed for issuance by the state regarding the education of children with disabilities and the procedures for distribution of funds under CFR Part 300; and, 3. Assist the state in developing and reporting such information and evaluations as may assist the Secretary of the United States Department of Education in the performance of his responsibilities under section 618 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
Department of Education and Cultural Affairs, Office of Special Education
Members appointed by the Governor. Membership shall include, but is not limited to at least one representative of each of the following groups: a. Parents of children with disabilities; b. Individuals with disabilities; c. Teachers; d. Representatives of institutions of higher education that prepare special education and related services personnel; e. State and local education officials; including officials who carry out activities under subtitle B of the VII of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (42 USC 11431 et seq.); f. Administrators of programs for children with disabilities; g. Representatives from other state agencies involved in the financing or delivery of related services to children with disabilities; h. Representatives of private schools and public charter schools; i. At least one representative of a vocational, community or business organization concerned with the provision of transition services to children with disabilities; j. Representative from the state child welfare agency responsible for foster care; and k. Representatives from the state juvenile and adult corrections agencies. A majority of the members shall be individuals with disabilities or parents of children with Disabilities (ages birth through 26 years).
Term of Appointment:
3 Year Term (Not more than 3 consecutive terms)

Frequency of Meetings:
Quarterly, usually in September, January, April, and June

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