Board Information

Chapter 40-18 of the South Dakota Codified Laws
Issue brands, inspect cattle being transferred to insure proper brand, and generally enforce livestock ownership statues.
Attached to the Department of Agriculture for reporting purposes.
Five members appointed by the Governor. Statewide nonprofit agricultural organizations, incorporated under state law, may submit nominations to the Governor, but not bound to choose from them. At least three of the five members of the board shall be persons who derive the major portion of their income from the livestock business and who are owners of brands duly recorded with the board. At least three of the five members of the board shall reside in the livestock ownership inspection areas. No appointed member may act as a member of the board while holding an elective or appointive state or federal office. No more than three of the members shall be of any one political party.
Term of Appointment:
Three years expiring on the first Monday in January.

Frequency of Meetings:
The Brand Board meets every other month.

Are Members Allowed to Call into Meetings:

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Mission Statement: