Executive Order 2015-06)Jolene's Law Task Force
Jolene's Law Task Force will study and make policy recommendations to address the following areas: 1. Methods to increase awareness of issues regarding sexual abuse of children, including warning signs that may indicate that a child is the victim of sexual abuse and the actions and language a child may use to express that they are a victim of sexual abuse; 2. The actions that a child who is the victim of sexual abuse could take to obtain assistance and intervention;3. How to best provide support and assistance to children who are victims of sexual abuse;4. Policies to encourage adults to take responsibility for the protection of children from sexual abuse and to respond appropriately when sexual abuse of a child is suspected;5. Collaboration of public and private organizations to assist in the recognition and prevention of sexual abuse of children, using research and evidence based practice; and 6. Any other recommendation the task force deems appropriate in addressing this issue
Executive Branch
This task force shall consist of the following seventeen members appointed by the Governor. Three members of the Senate. Two members of the House. A child abuse pediatrician whose experience and clinical practice is associated with a child advocacy center in the state. A representative associated with a non-profit organization that provides training and education aimed at the prevention of sexual abuse of children. A representative from a child advocacy center in the state who was a victim of sexual abuse as a child. A representative from a tribal organization in this state with experience and training in the area of sexual abuse of children. A representative of a law enforcement organization in the state with direct experience working with child sexual abuse investigations. A victim's advocate who works directly with child victims of sexual abuse. A mental health professional with experience and training using trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy in the area of sexual abuse. A representative from the Dept. of Health, the Dept. of Education and a state's attorney.
Term of Appointment:
Executive Order and Task Force expire on January 1, 2016

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