Board Information

Section 28-10-25 of the South Dakota Codified Laws
Advises the Director of Service to the Blind and Visually Impaired in the development of state plans, policy related to the expenditure of federal and state funds and the coordination of planning and service delivery to individuals involved in vocational rehabilitation and independent living services. The board may serve as an advocate for all individuals who are blind and visually impaired needing vocational rehabilitation and independent living services within the state
Attached to the Department of Human Services
Federal Requirements Key - January, 2000 A. At least one representative of the Statewide Independent Living Council; B. At least one representative of a parent training and information center C. At least one representative of the client assistance program; D. At least one vocational rehabilitation counselor with knowledge of and experience with vocational rehabilitation programs (ex officio, nonvoting member if the counselor is an employee of the designated State unit); E. At least one representative of community rehabilitation providers; F. Four representatives of business, industry and labor; G. Representatives of disability advocacy groups representing a cross section of: i. Individuals with physical, cognitive sensory, and mental disabilities; and, ii. Parents, family members, guardians, advocates, or authorized representatives of individuals with disabilities who have difficulty in representing themselves or are unable due to their disabilities to represent themselves; and, H. Current or former applicants for, or recipients of, vocational rehabilitation services. I. In a state in which one or more projects are carried out under section 121, at least one representative of the directors of the projects. J. At least one representative of the State educational agency responsible for the public education of students with disabilities who are eligible to receive services under this title and part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. K. At least one representative of the State workforce investment board. L. The Director of the designated State unit shall be an ex officio, nonvoting member of the Council.
Term of Appointment:
Three years. No more than two consecutive full terms.

Frequency of Meetings:
Meetings are held quarterly. Stipends are available for members that attend per meeting. Members are reimbursed for travel.

Are Members Allowed to Call into Meetings:

Contact Info:
Department of Human Services, 3800 E. Hwy 34, Hillsview Plaza, c/o 500 E. Capitol, Pierre SD 57501-5070, Phone 605.773.4644, or 1-800-265-9684.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Board to the Blind and Visually Impaired is to promote independence, employment, and full inclusion for all citizens who are blind or visually impaired