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Chapter 38-22 of the South Dakota Codified Laws
Prevention, suppression, control, and eradication of dangerous or noxious weeds
Administered under the Department and the Secretary of Agriculture & Natural Resources. Commission retains quasijudicial, quasi-legislative, advisory, other non-administrative and special budgetary functions.
Consists of the following members: (1) Secretary of Agriculture & Natural Resources or his designee; (non-voting member) (2) Dean of the college of agriculture and biological sciences of SDSU or his designee; (non-voting member) (3) Secretary of Transportation or his designee; (4) Secretary of Game, Fish, and Parks or his designee; (5) Commissioner of School and Public Lands or his designee; (6) Member of the State Association of county commissions; (7) Five members appointed by the Governor. Governor's appointees shall be selected from a list of nominees presented by the State Association of County Weed and Pest Boards from districts - see specifics.
Term of Appointment:
Four Years. Not more than two consecutive full terms. Original appointments: Dist. I 1-yr., Dist. II 2-yr., Dist. III 3-yr., Dist. IV 4-yr.

Frequency of Meetings:
The Weed and Pest Control Commission meets as needed, but typically 3 times a year.

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