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Chapter 23A-28B-3 of the South Dakota Codified Laws
1. Hear and determine claims for compensation 2. Promulgate rules; 3. Assist department in publicizing the availability of and procedures for obtaining compensation; and 4. Assist the department in developing, implementing and evaluating effective crime victim compensation policies and procedures.
Department of Public Safety
Five Members, three appointed by the Governor: 1. One member shall be a law enforcement officer with a minimum of five years' experience in a law enforcement agency which has among its primary duties the investigation of violent crimes; 2. One member shall be a physician or a person who, in the opinion of the Governor, has experience or knowledge in the processing and evaluation of medical claims; and, 3. One member shall be an individual with experience in providing victim assistance services, either through employment with a governmental agency which provides such services or as an officer, employee or volunteer of a nonprofit, charitable crime victims' organization established pursuant to the laws of SD. 4. One member of the commission shall be appointed by the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court. 5. One member of the commission shall be appointed by the Attorney General.
Term of Appointment:
Terms shall expire on October 30 on the third year of appointment. Terms that end June 30, 2012, are extended to October 30, 2012.

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Department of Public Safety | Victim Services Program Manager | 118 W. Capitol Ave. | Pierre, SD 57501 | 605.773.5884 |

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